Restoration Panels

New Zealand  &  Japan


Torsten Walsdorff, Simonsen 356 Replacement Panels                 

TK Simonsen has been in the business manufacturing Porsche 356 body parts since 1976.

In January 2015 Torsten Walsdorff took over the manufacturing of best panels on the market.

He has over 25 years experience servicing and restoring rare classic and vintage cars in Germany.

From floor pans, to battery walls and speedster seats, the quality and continuing development of panels will satisfy restoration shops to the home do it yourself body worker.

Just ask the top restoration shops around the world and they insist on either NOS or the Simonsen panels.

References available.

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競争力のある価格のためにコリン・ソープ - あなたのNZと日本の販売代理店にお問い合わせください。



Recent orders include:


1958 356a Speedster

1958 356a Coupe RHD

1958 356a Cabriolet

1963 356c Coupe LHD

1953 356 Pre A Coupe (Japan)

1957 356a T1 Coupe (Japan)