An example of what I can provide as a service or to help you piece together the history, options of your car.

I start with the chassis number....

I obtained the Kardex, please call me for this service.  If your car has the original locks it pays not to share the key numbers

as someone can still get them cut!   This build sheet provides a lot of information!!!!!

The Car was ordered through Islinger Mannheim, Germany.  Serviced at Schmidt and Koch.

Where it all started back in 1958.  An order at the Islinger Porsche Mannheim Dealership.

 (Porsche Dealership in the far left corner)


I will try and trace what I can from Ownership information, Kardex, Service records.


First day of Ownership for Lois.  Photo taken by her friend with a Leica camera.

Lois had a tour of the Porsche Factory, before being shown to her brand new Porsche 356a Cabriolet.

She drove to the wharf in Hamburg and crated it up for a safe trip to California.  (Great shot isn't it!)

The more time I am given, more research can be carried out.



New Zealand 356 History.....

Also from time to time I hit the jack pot in our very own 2nd hand book shops....

These manuals were all relating back to previous 356 ownership in New Zealand!

See if you can work out which cars they were once associated with,  (Yes they are for sale)



More to follow.....