Not every part needs to be restored.   Not every 356 needs to be fully restored.

The cars are only ORIGINAL once.

many components can be left original with Patina, obviously tested to ensure they work to perfection.

I have many parts, some very hard to find parts in my stash.

I am happy to help you source parts, from my comprehensive contacts around the world.

Often you will be just trying to acquire a part in better condition than they one you have.

I can help.


Tool Kits

I can advise and supply a number of original tools, bags, advise on good quality reproduction tools, like Messkos and Screw Drivers and bags.

I do not advise replating original spanners or lug wrenches.  Instead either keep with patina or find a better quality originals.

With tool kits fetching anywhere from $3500 to $5,000 USD and even more for Carrera or Pre A tool kits, they are  nice to get with the car!

If you haven't guessed already, I only restore / repaint what is essential, it is ORIGINAL ONLY ONCE.


Original SWF rear reflectors.....nice and original, value $800+ USD


More Coming Soon.....